Stunning Photos That Show What Dancers' Bodies Truly Look Like
January 14, 2016

Marianela Nuñez, principal with The Royal Ballet

Here’s some dance eye candy for you—though probably not in the way you’re imagining. (Sadly, this is not another Center-Stage-in-memoriam post.) Photographer Rick Guest captured starkly realistic photos of dancers for an upcoming exhibition in London and, eventually, a book. He calls the series—which he hopes will give others a glimpse of what kind of sacrifice (physical and emotional) dance requires—What Lies Beneath.


Nehemiah Kish (principal with The Royal Ballet) and Yuhui Choe (first soloist with The Royal Ballet)


Sarah Lamb, principal with The Royal Ballet


Alison McWhinney, soloist with English National Ballet

There are plenty of familiar faces here: Guest worked with The Royal Ballet, the English National Ballet, the Royal Danish Ballet and several other companies. He calls the photos “beautiful and brutal,” and it’s easy to see why—there aren’t any frilly tutus or even much makeup on these dancers.

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All photos by Rick Guest /

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