March 2005
March 1, 2005

Walking the Walk

Fosse disciple Chet Walker on carrying on the master’s legacy and advancing an undervalued artform in the U.S.

Three Easy Pieces

Give your students a taste of Chet Walker’s choreography with these three combinations.

Feet of Strength

Help students to develop their foot muscles.

Jumping for Joy

Causes and treatments for students with jumper’s knee

Family Style

A guide for involving parents in nutrition education

Road to Recovery

A dance educator shares how she bounced back from a serious injury.

Lower Back Basics

3 exercises for building abdominal and back strength

Performance Planner: It’s a Jungle Out There

Creative scenery and inspirational music ideas for a rainforest-themed recital

Martha Graham

Modern dance pionner

The More, The Merrier

a guide to growing your dance department’s ticket sales

Star of San Juan

School founder Lolita San Miguel shares future career plans on the eve of her retirement.

Music to the Feet

Havana, Cuba-based dance teacher Isaias Rojas Ramirez offers advice for teaching Latin dance.

K-12: Howdy, Partner!

Ideas for collaborative projects with dance programs in higher education and the private sector

The Jitter Bug

Techniques for taming stage fright

Profitable Promises

7 steps to simplify your life and boost your income

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