Joffrey Ballet School's Davis Robertson: What My Teacher Taught Me
November 22, 2013

While imagery often helps dancers attain a shape or understand a concept, the type of imagery used can vary widely from teacher to teacher. During his training with Chicago-based ballet teacher Larry Long, former Joffrey Ballet principal Davis Robertson learned to equate ballet technique with food.

“Every correction he ever gave was related to food. He’d say, ‘Turn out, like you’re peeling an avocado. Beat your legs like you’re chopping onions.’ He loved to cook. I would be ravenous in ballet class! But it worked. Petit allegro was something I initially struggled with, and thanks to Larry–who had the most extraordinary petit allegro–it ultimately became one of my favorite things.”

Joffrey Ballet School students from the children’s and young dancers programs, as well as guests from the Joffrey Concert Group, will present The Nutcracker in New York, December 13-15.

Photos courtesy of Joffrey Ballet School

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