History Quiz: Marian Chace
August 10, 2010

1. For three decades, Chace helped the mentally ill use movement to do what?


2. What famous dance company did Chace join and tour with, after spending one summer training with the group in New York City?


3. Not only was Chace one of the first dance teachers to accept black students into her school, but she also taught _____ _____ children.


4. Name the famous modern choreographer that Chace studied with for a short period of time.


5. Who brought Chace’s work to the attention of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital?


6. Chace always played this type of music in her group-session warm-ups at St. Elizabeth’s.


7. What, according to dance therapist Claire Schmais, made Chace a genius?


8. Name the national organization that Chace helped develop in 1966.


9. Known to take over students’ sessions if the patients were not responding, Chace’s students learned by _____ rather than actual direction.


10. True or False: Chace was the first dance therapist employed by a national hospital in America.








1. To communicate their feelings;

2. Denishawn Company;

3. Learning-disabled.;

4. Martha Graham;

5. The writer Edith Stern, whose learning impaired daughter made great strides studying dance with Chace;

6. Waltz.;

7. Her ability to establish empathy through movement. She picked up on the essential emotional quality of the patient. Consequently, she showed her empathy toward and understanding of that person;

8. The American Dance Therapy Association;

9. Observation.;

10. True

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