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History Quiz: Gregory Hines

Read up on Gregory Hines here, then test your students’ knowledge with this quiz! 1. As young children, Gregory Hines and his brother Maurice were a professional act called what? A) The Hines Kids B) Hines Times Two C) Hines+Hines 2. Who was Gregory Hines’ first teacher? 3. As a young kid, where did Hines […]

History Quiz: Talley Beatty

1.  Who was Talley Beatty’s first dance teacher? 2.  Beatty’s choreographic genius was transforming experiences of _____ _____into brilliant physical expressions of the _____ _____. 3.  True or False: Beatty rejected ballet for Afro-Caribbean and modern dance. 4.  What is the name of the first dance that Beatty created for his company? 5.  What part […]