You Know That Kid Who Won't Dance at Her First Recital? That's Jimmy Kimmel's Kid
June 16, 2017

You’ve all experienced that student who decides, only hours or even moments before it’s her class’ turn onstage, that she’s just not having it. She’s not dancing—costumes, tuition, photo and video fees be damned. Last weekend, Jimmy Kimmel’s almost-3-year-old daughter was that kid. As Kimmel reveals in the video below, his daughter decided juuuust when their entire family had sat down to watch the recital that she wouldn’t be participating. And apparently there’s no arguing with Kimmel’s daughter, once she’s made up her mind.

At least Kimmel had a sense of humor about it. Watch, laugh and remember your own headstrong students of years past (or present) who’ve refused to give their relatives the recital gratification they so desperately want:

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