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Watch DT+ Teacher Talk: “Starting the Dance Year Successfully” With Misty Lown

Watch this hour-long discussion between More Than Just Great Dancing!® founder Misty Lown and Dance Teacher’s editorial director, Reanne Rodrigues to gain valuable insights that will help you propel your studio business to new heights, elevate your teaching skills, and start the new dance year with confidence and success. You can also listen to the audio version of this discussion below: About Misty Lown Misty […]

5 Ways Dance Studio Clients Have Changed Since COVID

Since the pandemic emerged, your customers have had to adapt over and over again. Here’s what to know about how they’ve changed—and how to meet their new needs. The pandemic has had an outsized impact on dance and business. Through lockdowns, cancellations, vaccinations and transformations, everyone in the dance industry has been affected—including your customers.  […]

This Is the Way Forward

Business leader Misty Lown convened (remotely) more than 700 dance studio owners to create an action plan in response to COVID-19 studio closures. ICYMI, here are the takeaways: Studios can deliver value to customers with online content. Owners can preserve enrollment with caring communication. The federal stimulus package is a strong short-term safety net. At […]