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San Francisco Ballet’s Sasha De Sola Dreams of Influencing the Ballet World for the Better

When San Francisco Ballet principal Sasha De Sola takes the stage, audiences can be confident she will bring them on an authentic journey. She embodies each role so completely that it seems she’s feeling her character’s emotions internally. What’s more, she invites audiences in, telegraphing her feelings to the rafters through more than just technical […]

Khori Petinaud Is Ready for Dance to Finally Be the Star

Khori Michelle Petinaud is back on Broadway. This time, she’s bringing her smooth magnetism to Bob Fosse’s DANCIN’. The suave musical theater star began dancing at 13 years old at Russell’s School of Ballet in Chantilly, Virginia. Once she graduated from high school, she left her hometown studio and moved to Manhattan, where she earned […]

How Riverdance’s Anna Mai Fitzpatrick Made Her Dreams Come True

Not many people can say they achieved all of their professional dreams by 19 years old, but for Riverdance principal dancer Anna Mai Fitzpatrick, that’s exactly what happened. Fitzpatrick began Irish dancing at her primary school at just 4 years old. A dance teacher came to her class every Friday to teach the basics of […]

Michaela DePrince on the Biggest Turning Point in Her Career

After eight years captivating audiences in the Netherlands at The Dutch National Ballet, Michaela DePrince is now bringing her magnetism to Boston Ballet as a second soloist. But she’s got even bigger plans than simply blessing American audiences with her soaring jumps, expansive lines and pristine technique. As a survivor of the 1991–2002 Sierra Leone […]