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From the Screen to the Studio: The Team Behind Jazz Dance Documentary “Uprooted” Is Hosting In-Person Intensives in the U.S. and Abroad 

Since its 2020 premiere at the Dance on Camera festival, the feature-length documentary Uprooted: The Journey of Jazz Dance has been taking the dance world by storm. The film, which is directed by Khadifa Wong and produced by Lisa Donmall-Reeve based on an original concept by Zak Nemorin, reveals the historical, social, cultural, and political […]

Khori Petinaud Is Ready for Dance to Finally Be the Star

Khori Michelle Petinaud is back on Broadway. This time, she’s bringing her smooth magnetism to Bob Fosse’s DANCIN’. The suave musical theater star began dancing at 13 years old at Russell’s School of Ballet in Chantilly, Virginia. Once she graduated from high school, she left her hometown studio and moved to Manhattan, where she earned […]

Bob Fosse: The Choreographer Who Changed Broadway Jazz

From pigeon-toed stances and widespread palms to sinewy, meticulous isolations, few choreographers evoke such strong imagery as Bob Fosse (1927–1987). Not only did he revolutionize the look of musical theater in the 1950s–’80s, but his work also continues to influence choreographers and filmmakers today.  A Chicago native, Fosse came from a family of vaudeville performers. […]