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4 Ways to Incorporate Improvisation Into Your Dance Classes

Ellen Robbins’ modern dance classes for kids and teens are legendary in New York City. Robbins, who has been teaching kids how to dance since the 1970s (and whose pupils included the actresses Claire Danes and Julia Stiles), takes the standard recital model and turns it on its head. Her students—ranging in age from 8 […]

How to Convince Your Students That Flashy Tricks Must Be Balanced With Solid Technique

Former American Ballet Theatre soloist Anna Liceica has been judging the Youth America Grand Prix since 2007. “Once in a while, we see someone who tries to do too many turns without good form or musicality,” she says. “We don’t encourage it, and that dancer does not place high.” Judges (and artistic directors in attendance) […]

Teach Your Dancers These Healthy Tips to Strengthen Turnout

Neuromuscular expert, Deborah Vogel breaks down understanding functional turnout. It’s essential for teachers to understand how hip structure influences a dancer’s ability to turn out. I see so many injuries caused by dancers who think turnout has to look a certain way. They try to create it instead of working it accurately from the hip. […]

Try These Revenue-Building Tips to Build Your Summer Biz

Does your studio slow down when the weather warms up? If you don’t offer a summer session, June through August can be a cash-flow challenge. One popular—and easy—strategy is to offer weeklong camps instead. We spoke to three professionals to learn how they make summer camp work. KICK DANCE STUDIOS Fair Haven and Rumson, NJ […]

9 Ways to Attract Boys to Your Studio

Paint the walls of your studio in a gender-neutral color, like tan, gray, green or even red. Have some male-centric wall decor to balance out your ballerina posters. Frame dance photos featuring strong male dancers for inspiration. Change the color of your class uniforms from pink to maroon, black, green or blue. Consider redesigning your […]

5 Mistakes That Could Be Holding Your Studio Back (Plus Some Quick and Easy Fixes)

Running a studio can be a major juggling act. You have to stay on top of the big things, like paying rent on time and chasing after delinquent payments, and track the details, like replacing that blinking lightbulb and sending out a snowstorm alert. No surprise, then, that a few things slip through the cracks—costing […]