9 Ways to Attract Boys to Your Studio
May 15, 2017

Paint the walls of your studio in a gender-neutral color, like tan, gray, green or even red.

Have some male-centric wall decor to balance out your ballerina posters. Frame dance photos featuring strong male dancers for inspiration.

Change the color of your class uniforms from pink to maroon, black, green or blue.

Consider redesigning your studio logo in a contemporary, gender-neutral font. Try forgoing the standard pointe shoe logo for something that will appeal to both genders, like tap shoes or a well-turned-out fifth position. (Many boys will have a hard time wearing a jacket with a pair of pink ballet slippers on it.)

Seek out highly recommended male teachers who have a reputation for discipline and passion. Your female students will experience a new perspective, and your males will feel more comfortable with a positive male role model.

Encourage parents who wait in the lobby with their young sons to enroll them in a free class. They’ll have a hobby they can share with their sisters.

Create a boys-only class to build teamwork and confidence among your male dancers. Give it time to build—don’t automatically cancel it if it doesn’t catch on right away.

Get your dads involved, whether with a dads’ dance or by helping out backstage with props and scenery. They’ll be more inclined to allow their sons to take class if they experience firsthand the positive effects.

Don’t pit boys against girls by separating them into two groups during class. Mix up the genders in class choreography, too. And remember to let boys (as well as girls) demonstrate positions or steps.

Thanks to Paul E. Finocchiaro, University of Tampa professor.

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