How Nuo An Combines Dance With Spirituality
May 10, 2018

Chinese dancer and choreographer Nuo An is committed to sharing the teachings of what she calls “spiritual dance.”

After graduating from Beijing Dance Academy and Pratt Institute’s dance therapy program, An created her own style of dance, combining the elements of ballet, modern and contemporary dance with Eastern meditation, Zen Taoist and tai chi. Her intention was to not just express dance through movement, but to create a dialogue between mind and body that transcends into the spirit, forming a deeper connection between the performers and audience. An then formed her own company of dancers, the Nuo An Spiritual Dance & Art Foundation, to further explore spiritual dancing.

An representing the “Spirit of the Tea” in her recent work. Photo by Pengtao Song, courtesy of An

“Spiritual art gives rise to an experience that is aesthetic, authentic and transcendent,” says An, who’s a member of the United Nations Council on International Dance. “Participants describe it as feeling sensation and emotion, a greater sense of unity both within themselves and between themselves and the outside world.”

An will present Nuo An Spiritual Dance & Art Foundation’s debut performance on Friday, May 11, at Peter Norton Symphony Space in New York City. The performance will include live and recorded traditional Chinese movement and will explore Spiritual Dance in two new pieces, including Moving Through Tea.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

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