YOU Dance Reaches Students Across Canada Via Livestream
May 18, 2015


Livestream is the wave of the educational future, and National Ballet of Canada is using it to bring dance to students in K–12 schools across the country. The company started YOU Dance (an acronym for Youth, Outreach and Understanding) in 2007 to introduce dance to students in grades four through six with free workshops and performances.

Representatives from the company often visit public schools in the Toronto area to teach, but Livestream lets them reach a much broader audience. This year, they hosted interactive workshops and put on performances via Livestream on February 20, May 5 and 6. More than 8,000 students in classrooms across Canada participated in the events.

Visit YOU Dance’s website for more information on the events. Be sure to check out the resources page for brief, downloadable lesson plan PDFs on attending the ballet, including when to applaud, why dancers wear tights and things to think about before and after seeing a show.

Photo by Bruce Zinger for National Ballet of Canada

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