Technology: Cloud Storage
April 1, 2015

Three options for your data storage

Organization and communication are key to running a successful studio. With cloud storage—storing data online via a virtual server—you can keep track of syllabi, schedules, music, rehearsal footage and important business documents so your faculty and staff can reference them at any time. Here are three cloud storage options that will let you take your business anywhere you have internet access.

Google Drive offers a plan for $10/user/month with unlimited cloud storage. If you constantly communicate via Gmail, this service makes it simple. A Drive icon appears on any attachment in your e-mail account, giving you the option to upload it to the drive with one click.

Dropbox’s business plan is $15/user/month, and, unlike many cloud storage services, it’s compatible with any device: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire. Plus, more than 300,000 third-party apps work with Dropbox, giving it top accessibility.

SpiderOak’s plan is $5/user/month. This service’s biggest selling point is its twofold security. Both your data and password are encrypted, so no one—not even SpiderOak—can access your information. You’re never at risk of being hacked or compromised.


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