Tag: DT+ lesson plans

Debbi Dee’s Lesson Plan on Tap Latin Rhythm Turns 

When master tap teacher Debbi Dee asked the Library of Congress if they would be interested in acquiring her multivolume collection of instructional tap DVDs, she was hoping for a positive response. What she actually got was a counteroffer: They wanted all of the resources she was willing to give them. The Library of Congress […]

Teresa Perez Ceccon’s Lesson Plan on Simonson Jazz Technique

Simonson Technique, developed by master teacher Lynn Simonson, holds the philosophy that anyone can dance: “Any age, body type, cultural background, experience level—if you can move, you can be taught in a dance class,” says Teresa Perez Ceccon, a veteran Simonson instructor. “Also, no two bodies are the same. We want students to understand their […]

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