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Video: Moving Expansively Using William Forsythe’s Nine-Point Theory With Britt Juleen

In this video, Britt Juleen, a visiting assistant professor of dance at the University of Iowa, demonstrates how you can use Forsythe’s nine-point theory to help your students move more expansively. According to Juleen, “Ballet technique is quite symmetrical and geometrical. Drawing movement in space through the nine-point cube can clarify the look and alignment of the body’s position in space, which also clarifies technical […]

How to Help Your Students Heal Their Relationship With Food and Their Bodies

Dancers are often inundated with harmful messages surrounding body ideals and restrictive dieting behaviors. Target weights, calorie goals and “body talks” are just a few examples of how diet culture infiltrates the studio. Dance educators need to unlearn the messages of diet culture to ultimately support an inclusive and sustainable studio environment. To dismantle the […]

DanceTeacher+ Is Now Live!

Dear Dance Colleagues, DanceTeacher+ is now live—and you’re invited to join us! Whether you’re a dance teacher or a studio owner, you know that investing in your own professional development is key to inspiring and advancing the next generation of dancers, leaders and thinkers. With DanceTeacher+—our all-new informative and impactful digital platform—you’ll receive access to […]