Studio Reno Success Story: Harlequin Floors and Studio Bleu Dance Center
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November 28, 2023

When Ashburn, Virginia–based Studio Bleu Dance Center remodels one of its studios, owner Kimberly Rishi says that quality and loyalty guide the decision to use Harlequin Floors. In fact, the nearly 40-year-old studio has been a Harlequin customer since its founding, and Rishi anticipates the relationship will continue for years to come.

“We’re definitely Harlequin people,” she says. “We like to be loyal to who we’ve used over the years, and they are so helpful.”

Dance Teacher got the skinny on Studio Bleu’s latest remodel, along with tips for studio owners who want to upgrade their floors with the help of Harlequin.

When to Remodel

Studio Bleu tends to renovate one of its studios at a time, and Rishi knows it is time for a renovation before dancer safety is at risk. While properly maintained floors are designed to last for many years, worn-out or improperly laid studio floors can lead to joint injuries, and poorly placed marley tape can even cause cuts and sprains.

Slide to reveal Studio Bleu’s transformation. Photos by Chris Stark, courtesy Harlequin Floors

Terri Joyce, the marketing manager for Harlequin Floors, mentions one aspect of dancer safety that is often overlooked. “Don’t forget the subfloor!” she says. “Sometimes, studios call in saying they need a vinyl floor, but then we find out they don’t have a sprung subfloor. That subflooring is a key part of creating a safe dance environment.” The lack of a sprung subfloor can open up dancers to ankle, knee, or hip injuries when they land jumps and leaps.

For its recent remodel, Studio Bleu chose the Harlequin Flexity sprung floor panels. “The Flexity sprung floor panels are a great do-it-yourself option that can be installed by anyone with basic carpentry skills,” Joyce says.

How to Choose Your Floor

Considering your flooring options is the most important aspect of a floor renovation. Studio owners should consider whether they own or lease a space when making their choice, because that might dictate whether a permanent or portable flooring solution makes the most sense. Additionally, the dance styles performed in a studio should influence the marley choice.

“A lot of dancers use our studio space with a lot of different dance disciplines,” Rishi emphasizes. “It’s important for us that they are able to use the floor in a versatile way.” To best meet Studio Bleu’s needs, they installed Harlequin Reversible Pro vinyl performance surface because it’s a marley floor that is suitable for all styles of dance.

Rishi also noted that her studio uses Harlequin’s double-sided floor tape. “That way, we aren’t re-taping floors all the time—that’s something everyone in our industry deals with and talks about,” she says. “It looks so nice, and the floor doesn’t move anywhere.”

What to Expect

Rishi says the remodel process with Harlequin was a breeze. While Studio Bleu knew the direction they wanted to go, Harlequin account executives were always ready to provide suggestions and engage in collaborative discussionsa key process that ensures studio owners get exactly what they need for their dance facility. Rishi shares that Studio Bleu’s account executive was on hand to answer any follow-up questions as well.

Harlequin Floors estimates that, generally, a project like Studio Bleu’s can be completed in approximately two to seven days, but that timeline may vary. “The size of the space, the existing flooring and project conditions, the products used, and other variables can all alter the timeline,” says Joyce. “Our account executives can provide estimates and timelines specific to your project.”

The Final Product

Ultimately, Rishi says Studio Bleu’s Harlequin Floors renovation cannot be topped. She recommends Harlequin Floors to any studio owner hoping to give their spaces a top-notch makeover.

“It’s a sturdy floor, and, aesthetically, it looks beautiful,” she says. “We have a lot of happy kids and happy alums who saw the new floor pictures, and everyone is just very excited.” 

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