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How Headliners Creates a True Competition Experience Fueled by Passion and Focused on Education

In 1989, CEO Shari Tomasiello and her mother created Headliners with a simple mission: that it would be an educationally based and goal-oriented competition, providing a fun and encouraging environment that’s inclusive of dancers of all sizes, levels, and abilities. As Headliners continues to expand—the 2025 tour boasts 33 regional competitions, two national competitions, and five conventions this […]

NYCDA’s 30th Season Is a Celebration for the Whole Dance Community

If you’ve ever watched a Broadway musical, dance company performance, or dance TV show, chances are you’ve seen at least one New York City Dance Alliance alum at work. NYCDA excels at helping dancers naturally transfer their competition and convention experiences into the professional industry. Their not-so-secret key to success? Years of relationship-building and community outreach by […]

Hollywood Connection Celebrates 20 Years of Creating Meaningful Relationships in Dance

In a dance industry where events come and go on the competition and convention circuit, Hollywood Connection stands out because dancers keep coming back. According to general manager and faculty member Jacquelyn Sutkowi, the secret to the company’s success lies in the familial atmosphere that makes the faculty and staff approachable. “We recognize faces and people; you really […]

Tremaine Dance Conventions & Competitions Has Been Innovating for Four Decades—and Counting

For more than four decades, Tremaine Dance Conventions & Competitions has represented the very best of what a dance convention and competition can be. From state-of-the-art sound systems to innovations in dancer safety and a homegrown roster of star faculty, Tremaine has remained at the industry forefront—all while playing a key role in the training […]

Video of the Month: One More Time (We’re Gonna Celebrate)

Girouard makes sure his dancers’ last run-throughis their best. Congratulations to Brandon Girouard, the Editors’ Choice winner for Dance Teacher’s Video of the Month! His video, featured in DT September, captures one of the best parts of a convention class, when students who have been dancing all day perform the combination for the last time, […]