Video of the Month: One More Time (We’re Gonna Celebrate)
August 30, 2013

Girouard makes sure his dancers’ last run-through
is their best.

Congratulations to Brandon Girouard, the Editors’ Choice winner for Dance Teacher’s Video of the Month! His video, featured in DT September, captures one of the best parts of a convention class, when students who have been dancing all day perform the combination for the last time, pouring all their energy into the choreography.

A commercial dancer and teacher at international conventions, universities and studios, Girouard created the routine for an intermediate jazz/funk class at Encore Dance Competitions. Notably devoid of fouettés, tilts and high kicks, the upbeat combination to “I Found You” by boy band The Wanted is less about tricks and more intended to show off dancers’ personalities, he says. “I base my teaching philosophy on the quote ‘Dare to be you.’ When you strip away those technical elements, it comes down to your connection to the movement.” He adds, “I encourage my dancers to experiment, to attack the movement and get into the style. Really let your inhibitions go and be yourself.”

Girouard ends each class by bringing dancers into a circle for a motivating talk. “It’s a moment of understanding that we share this love of art. And it’s so important, particularly on the competition circuit, to remember we’re all on this journey together,” he says. “Coming together in a circle is a way to bring that energy in as a group and celebrate the dancing we just did.”

Watch the winning video:

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Photo by Mike Farella/Exulting Images, courtesy of Brandon Girouard

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