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January 18, 2023

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In this live hour-long Zoom discussion, Deborah Vogel—movement analyst, neuromuscular educator and director of The Body Series—shares her expert insights into the mechanics of turnout, tips for injury prevention, and step-by-step exercises for enhancing turnout that you can implement in your studio or classroom.

Deb has been active in the dance medicine field since 1978. Her mentor, Irene Dowd, inspired her to integrate her teaching with movement analysis, setting her on her path as a neuromuscular educator. She co-founded the Center for Dance Medicine in NYC with Dr. Richard Bachrach and has presented workshops and lectures nationally and internationally on enhancing technique and injury prevention and care. Deb also taught at the Oberlin College dance department and the Conservatory of Music until her retirement in 2018. She continues to teach at the School for Classical and Contemporary Dance at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, assessing first-year students on their mobility and stability patterns and teaching them to care for their bodies during their dance training. Deb has also written multiple books and created DVDs and programs for teachers and dancers exploring optimal performance strategies while de-mystifying technique. She is also a frequent contributor to the Health & Body column on DanceTeacher+. You might have even read her expert advice on the “Ask Deb” column. 

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