What My Teacher Taught Me: Isaac Akiba
May 6, 2016

Boston Ballet’s Isaac Akiba and Erica Cornejo rehearsing Yury Yanowsky’s Smoke and Mirrors

Before Isaac Akiba became a soloist with Boston Ballet, his Boston Ballet School teacher Kathleen Mitchell taught him that it’s his responsibility to make every moment in class count.

“One time in class, it wasn’t my group’s turn to do the combination, and we were just standing there.  She said, ‘Every chance you get, you can be working on something. If you’re in the back, work on your arms.’ I still think about that now when I take company class. You’re always able to learn something.”

See Akiba perform in Boston Ballet’s mixed repertory program Mirrors tonight through May 28 at The Boston Opera House.

Photo by Sabi Varga, courtesy of Boston Ballet

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