The Show Must Go on–How to Make Sure Your Dancers Never Forget
December 15, 2017

Most dancers are taught from a young age that no matter what happens onstage, the show must go on! Costume rips? Don’t stop dancing. Forget the choreography? Don’t stop dancing. Fall down? Get back up, but for the love of all things holy, don’t stop dancing!

Anna White, teacher and studio director at Melinda Leigh Performing Arts Center in Mobile, Alabama, breaks down how she conveys this message to her students.

EVERY Time Is the FIRST Time

“Although it might be their 500th time doing the dance, before each performance we remind our dancers that for some people in that audience, it’s their first time seeing it. Each performance is an opportunity to move the audience. Whether it is to smile, laugh, cry, encourage, inspire or reflect, the dancers must be very careful not to break the magic, no matter what happens onstage!”

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