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Talley Beatty: One of Modern Dance’s First Black Choreographers

Before there was Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Revelations (1960) and its signature solo “I Want To Be Ready,” Talley Beatty (1918–1995) broke boundaries with his first ballet, Southern Landscape (1947). This five-section dance, inspired by Howard Fast’s Southern Reconstruction novel Freedom Road, and Beatty’s own experience with racial discrimination, also had a dance solo […]

History Quiz: Talley Beatty

1.  Who was Talley Beatty’s first dance teacher? 2.  Beatty’s choreographic genius was transforming experiences of _____ _____into brilliant physical expressions of the _____ _____. 3.  True or False: Beatty rejected ballet for Afro-Caribbean and modern dance. 4.  What is the name of the first dance that Beatty created for his company? 5.  What part […]