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Jazz Dance Takes Center Stage

The National Dance Education Organization’s first “Jazz Dance: Roots and Branches in Practice” conference is happening at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, July 31–August 3. The four-day conference contains movement workshops of a variety of jazz styles and in-depth panel discussions that cover jazz dance’s past, present and future. Special guest presenters include […]

Lauren Giordano Curran’s Pre-class Ritual

After doing yoga poses before class, Lauren Giordano Curran likes to warm up with her students. In our April issue’s Health column we asked four teachers what their personal warm-up practices were. Here’s what jazz teacher Lauren Giordano Curran had to say. Lauren Giordano Curran Specializes in jazz for students of all ages at Gus Giordano […]

Video of the Month: Suitable Sassiness

Congratulations to Kasey Cosentino, Editors’ Choice for the Dance Teacher Video of the Month! In this video, Cosentino works with 9- and 10-year-old dancers from Silicon Valley Dance Academy in Cupertino, California, where until recently, their concentration was in Chinese folkloric dance. She was invited to teach them their first jazz dance for competition. When […]

Spotlight On: Ray Leeper

Seen & Heard At the Dance Teacher Summit Leeper led an invigorating class at the 2012 DT Summit Dance Teacher Summit faculty member Ray Leeper gives all of his energy when he teaches, and he expects the same from students. The 25-year convention circuit veteran is known for drawing powerful, full-out performances from hundreds of […]

A Bittersweet Farewell to Matt Mattox

You may recognize Matt Mattox from his athletic role dancing alongside Jacques d’Amboise in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Last night, the iconic jazz performer and teacher passed away at 91. He studied under the legendary Jack Cole and appeared in several films and Broadway productions before turning his attention to choreography and teaching. Mattox’ […]

Technique: Dana Moore

How I teach musical theater jazz “It’s time to hop on the isolation express,” Dana Moore calls out to students in her theater jazz class at Steps on Broadway in New York City. Standing in parallel first position with eyes facing forward, Moore’s head begins to alternate left, right, up and down. But it doesn’t […]