Jazz Dance Takes Center Stage
July 8, 2016

The National Dance Education Organization’s first “Jazz Dance: Roots and Branches in Practice” conference is happening at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, July 31–August 3. The four-day conference contains movement workshops of a variety of jazz styles and in-depth panel discussions that cover jazz dance’s past, present and future. Special guest presenters include Bob Boross, Danny Buraczeski, Thom Cobb and Billy Siegenfeld.

The second day of the conference focuses on vernacular styles, homing in on jazz’s historical and cultural roots. The third day delves into theatrical jazz and how the dance form has evolved over time. Topics for discussion include: how to teach jazz dance that is relevant but historically rooted; what is the relationship between jazz dance and music; and how pop culture has changed the face of jazz.


Master teacher Bob Boross will be a presenter at the conference.

Photo by N_Link Photography, courtesy of Salve Regina University

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