Same-Sex Ballroom Championships in Boston
August 13, 2014

We already know dance is for everyone. And while ballroom dancing used to be an activity geared largely toward heterosexual dancers in male-female couples, today many studios offer classes specifically for same-sex couples, in addition to welcoming dancers of all orientations into all classes and performances. In October, Boston Open DanceSport will host the second annual North American Same-Sex Ballroom Dance Championship.

Couples of men, women or dancers in reverse-role couples (what lady hasn’t wanted to lead?) can register to compete at levels from beginner to professional and pro-am in international and American ballroom styles. Champions will be named in the categories of international standard, international Latin, American smooth, American rhythm, formation teams and showdance. The event is supported by the North American Same-Sex Partner Dance Association (NASSPDA), and at least one dancer in a couple must be a member to place in a category.

The goal of the event, as stated on Boston Open DanceSport’s web site, is to promote equality, and to enjoy some “artistic and competitive same-sex ballroom dancing.”

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