It’s National Compliment Day—Here Are 23 Things We Think You Guys Are Nailing!
January 24, 2019

We couldn’t let National Compliment Day pass without complimenting dance teachers for all the fabulous things we notice them doing. You guys are queens, and we don’t deserve you!

Check out what we had to say, and share the love with a dance teacher you think embodies the qualities of teacher success! Let’s get this compliment train rolling!


1. Providing your students with exceptional technique classes.

2. Putting on fantastic year-end recitals.

3. Choreographing 9,000 solos each fall.

4. Creating mind-blowing group numbers that inspire others at competitions.

5. Making those comp routines as clean as possible.

6. Ensuring your dancers have a well-rounded curriculum.

7. Prioritizing your students’ mental health.

8. Setting boundaries that protect your time away from the studio.

9. Staying energized through seemingly endless competition weekends.

10. Keeping your dancers’ hair and makeup looking fierce.

11. Saying no to “hamburger hands.”

12. Setting a record for how many times a person can yell, “Point your toes!”

13. Taking action against bullying at your studio.

14. Managing a minefield of tense dance moms.

15. Prioritizing service opportunities for your students.

16. Teaching your dancers to be professional and respectful.

17. Filling youth with a love of dance.

18. Helping your students book their dream job/get accepted to their dream college.

19. Educating students on the importance of viewing dance live at the theater.

20. Teaching your students their worth.

21. Staying up-to-date on current style trends and teaching methodologies.

22. Emphasizing the importance of expression and connection in dance.

23. Changing the world one tendu at a time.

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