Dance and Springtime: 4 Things They Share
May 7, 2019

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, people are coming out of their houses—spring is finally upon us! After a long and brutal winter, this new season is bringing us some extra joy this year. In fact, it’s starting to remind us of the happiness dance brings us! (Obviously spring is not quite as fantastic as dance, but you catch our drift.) It got us thinking about some of the things that dance and spring have in common, and we just couldn’t help but share them here with you!

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1. They both make people smile uncontrollably.

Ever notice when you walk outside on a warm spring day that nearly everyone you see is grinning from ear to ear? Yup—the same thing happens when you look around a theater during a dance performance! Pure. Joy.

2. They both bloom.

The buds blossoming before our eyes are reminiscent of the expansion and contraction of pirouettes, sauts de chat, and développés. Also, dancers in training positively bloom before your eyes while in the classroom!


3. Spring cleaning is totally a thing in the dance world.

Come April, studio owners and dance teachers are deep cleaning every single one of their numbers in preparation for their summer recitals. Coincidence that it falls in line with what the nondance world has charmingly dubbed “spring cleaning”? I think not!

4. They are both full of good energy that can renew and uplift.

Anyone who’s ever walked into a studio to observe the final run of a mind-blowing combo can attest to this electric energy we’re talking about. The lights are dimmed, the air is thick with sweat and the dancers are feeling positively euphoric as they pour their souls into the movement. It’s as if it were the last time they would get to dance! Spring has that same kind of energy. Good vibes. Love. Hope. Happiness. It’s all there!

Happy spring everybody! Get outside and bust a move!

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