Letter From the Editor: Celebrating Women in Dance
March 4, 2024

Katherine Dunham, Martha Graham, Anna Sokolow, Maria Tallchief

Can you imagine dance history without these incredible women? We can’t either. So, to celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re continuing to honor even more phenomenal women who have revolutionized and shaped the past and future of our field. 

The next DT+ Teacher Talk will be with highly respected dance physical therapist Marika Molnar on Thursday, March 14, at 1 pm EDT—and you’re invited to join us! We’ll be talking about why ankle weakness occurs in dancers, how teachers can strengthen students’ feet and help prevent injury, and simple and effective exercises to correct overpronation. Be on the lookout for a registration link in your inbox soon. We look forward to seeing you there!

In our Technique column, we’re talking about why dancing without music is a valuable skill to learn—and one with many transferable lessons embedded. So whether you’re working on a new sequence or choreography, why not challenge your dancers and have them practice in silence instead?

In our Higher Ed column, The University of California, Irvine’s Molly Lynch discusses her role models, the current challenges facing dance teachers today, and her goal of championing women through her work. And we’re also shedding light on the repertory curation process in college dance programs. 

Plus, a lot more tried-and-tested tips on building rapport with dance colleagues, making yourself more marketable to attain teaching gigs, and more. 

Remember: Nominations for the 2024 Dance Teacher Awards are only open until Sunday, March 31. Submit your nominations via this form today. We’re excited to hear about the influential dance educators in your life. 

With excitement,
Reanne Rodrigues
[email protected]

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