What My Teacher Taught Me: Trisha Brown Dance Company's Neal Beasley
April 4, 2014

Neal Beasley’s first dance class happened when his grammar school mandated that he enroll in an arts class. There he met Blake Coheley, who approached him afterward and encouraged him to continue training, immediately recognizing his talent and passion for dance. That first meeting has long stayed with Beasley, now a member of the Trisha Brown Dance Company.

“I think it’s those kinds of encounters with teachers that become the backbone of your confidence as a dancer. There have been so many moments throughout my career when I’ve just wanted to throw my hands up in the air. But in those moments, I’ve been able to call upon that store of memory and say, ‘Oh, right. I love this, and someone helped me see that.'” 

The Trisha Brown Dance Company will perform at New York Live Arts in NYC, April 8-12, at 7:30 pm, and April 13 at 3 pm. trishabrowncompany.org


Photo by Julieta Cervantes, courtesy of TBDC

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