What My Teacher Taught Me: Robert Kleinendorst
September 4, 2015

Kleinendorst in Company B

During his first year dancing with Taylor 2, Robert Kleinendorst—now with Paul Taylor’s main company—quickly learned that Taylor 2 director Mary Cochran wouldn’t accept any excuses.

“She gave me a note to correct something in a rehearsal once, and I fixed it, but then messed up right after that. After the run, I told her, ‘I fixed the note,’ to which she replied, ‘But you messed up right after that.’ When I responded, ‘Yeah, I know, because I was thinking about the note,’ she told me: ‘You’re a professional dancer now. You need to fix the note and then continue doing your choreography.’”

See Robert Kleinendorst in the new Paul Taylor documentary Creative Domain, premiering at the Francesca Beale Theater September 11 at 12:45 pm.

Photo by Paul B. Goode, courtesy of Paul Taylor Dance Company

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