A Few Facts About H2O
August 17, 2016

Water: Earth’s MVP and the beverage you literally can’t live without. We drink it, bathe in it, swim in it and use it to clean. Did you know:

• Water accounts for 55–75 percent of a person’s weight.

• You can’t survive for longer than about seven days without it.

• The eight-cups-a-day rule is not backed by sufficient research, and there are no formal guidelines for how much water people need.

• Other liquids, like juice, coffee and soda, contribute to your water needs.

• Moisture in foods accounts for roughly 20 percent of the average person’s water intake.

• It is possible to overhydrate, which can be dangerous. Drinking too much too fast can stress the kidneys and cause dangerously low sodium levels in the blood.

• Dehydration can compromise your concentration, reaction time, learning, memory, mood, reasoning capabilities and energy levels, and can cause headaches and anxiety.

• Drinking extra water does not improve your skin, but being adequately hydrated does help counter vascular diseases, constipation, exercise-induced asthma and kidney stones.

Photo: Thinkstock

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