Technology: Trello
October 1, 2015

Project management tool; free for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Kindle Fire and Windows 8

Tired of dealing with the disorganization that comes with lengthy e-mail threads and ubiquitous sticky notes? Trello is a project management tool that organizes and streamlines your planning. Create virtual bulletin boards for studio projects—one for recital planning, for example—and invite your staff to participate. Within each board, you can create task lists (“Choose recital costumes”) and then add individual items, called cards (“Tuesday mini tap and jazz, 6–8 pm”; “Wednesday baby ballet, 5–6 pm”), to each list. You can assign an item (or even an entire task list) to a staff member by dragging and dropping her icon. Add due dates, color-coding and necessary details to your inner obsessive-compulsive delight. Members check off tasks as completed, so it’s easy to keep up with progress. And once you create an account, your bulletin boards automatically sync across all connected devices as you add information and make changes.


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