Nick Lanzisera Loves Teaching Adults

Nick Lanzisera Loves Teaching Adults

Walking into Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles at 11:30 am on any given Tuesday or Thursday, you’re likely to find a large group of dancers flocking to take Nick Lanzisera’s class. Millennium’s staff says his contemporary class is so popular,...

Teachers' Tools: Up Close With Adar Wellington

Wellington tells her Brooklynettes to dance larger than life during stadium performances Though a timeout routine lasts only a minute and 20 seconds, when it comes to choreography, Brooklyn Nets dance team coach Adar Wellington is slow and methodical. “I listen to a...

Teachers’ Tools: Up Close With Amanda Pope

Teachers share the philosophies and materials that make them successful in their careers and classes. Amanda Pope (center in gray) with her students at Lower Manhattan Arts Academy At Lower Manhattan Arts Academy, Amanda Pope begins class for high school dance majors...

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