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Watch Peter Boal Trash-Talk as Pacific Northwest Ballet Makes Good on Their Super Bowl Bet with Boston

And you thought you’d never see ballet to Celtic punk music… PNB artistic director Peter Boal As we’ve discussed, one of the things we enjoy most about Super Bowl Sunday is watching the teams’ hometown dance companies get in on the competition. This year, before the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots faced off […]

Dance Teacher’s Guide to the 2015 Super Bowl

Even if you aren’t a sports fan, there’s a good chance you’ll head to a Super Bowl party this weekend for a celebration of food, friends and maybe even a little football. You might not care who wins or which penalties get called, but you can still enjoy the evening if you know what to […]

Super Bowl 2013: Can Dance Skills Predict the Winner?

There’s something so entertaining about watching huge, professional football players bust a move. You’ve probably seen Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis’ signature “squirrel dance” by now. It’s just a little get-pumped breakdown he does before every game to fire up his teammates. Stars at the SAG Awards tried it, the mayor of Denver recently performed […]