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Shoes Off: Teaching Dancers to Perform Barefoot

Alice Blumenfeld is primarily a flamenco dancer, but she also has experience teaching modern, Simonson technique, and yoga. Because flamenco is typically performed in heeled shoes, when Blumenfeld began collaborating with choreographer Felise Bagley to create flamenco works for bare feet, she says she had to channel several of the lessons she gives to her […]

Martha Graham Dancer So Young An Talks About The Eve Project

Martha Graham Dance Company created The EVE Project to mark the upcoming 100th anniversary of U.S. women’s right to vote. The female-focused initiative includes new works, as well as the company’s classic repertoire highlighting Martha Graham’s heroines and antiheroines. In April, the company is showing the newly reconstructed Circe, Graham’s 1963 interpretation of the Greek […]