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Native American Dancer Kendorina Redhouse Shares What She Wishes You Knew About Powwow Dance

Native American dancer Kendorina (“Kendra”) Redhouse was introduced to powwow dancing when she was just 3 years old. “My mom took me to a powwow, and I started mimicking the other dancers,” Redhouse says. “There is a portion of the celebrations in which intertribal dancing is introduced, and everyone is allowed to participate in the […]

Meet the First Native American Dance Group to Appear on "World of Dance"

Now in its fourth season, NBC’s “World of Dance” has showcased many types of dance. “They’ve had styles from Mexico, China, Africa, break dancers, salsa dancers,” says Kenneth Shirley, founder of Phoenix-based troupe Indigenous Enterprise. But until last night, the show had neglected to feature America’s oldest homegrown dance traditions, those of Native American tribes. […]