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What Is Dance Doing for My Elementary-Age Child?

With a plethora of activities to choose from, why should an elementary-schooler choose dance? To speak on the topic and continue the discussion about childhood development is Luna Dance Institute teaching artist Heather Stockton, who teaches K–5 students in Oakland Unified School District. At Luna Dance Institute in Berkeley California, teaching artists keep childhood development […]

Why Is Dance Good for My Toddler?

It’s no trade secret that dance is excellent for physical, mental and emotional health. However, there are specific developmental milestones that make it all the more valuable to young children. Whether it’s fostering their independence or helping them to develop motor skills, dance can help support children’s growth in myriad ways. At Luna Dance Institute […]

3 Standout Statements From Luna Dance Institute's Dance and Disability Panel

This past Saturday, I visited Luna Dance Institute in Berkeley, California, to attend the Dance & Disability Discourse & Panel—a discussion with five artists, educators and researchers about access and equity for disabled students in dance education. Here are three statements from the discussion that I found eye-opening. “There are things that haven’t changed in […]