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Lori Belilove’s Lesson Plan on Expressing Joy in Duncan Dance

Isadora Duncan once said “I don’t teach dancing. I teach joy.” Lori Belilove, Duncan’s foremost interpreter in the 21st century, teaches both. As a dancer, choreographer and director of the Isadora Duncan Dance Company & Foundation, Belilove has kept Duncan’s body of work alive and growing. As a teacher, she sees her role as transmitting […]

This Photographer Shadowed Isadora Duncan Dancers in Greece and It's Like She Stepped Back in Time

In 2016, photographer Rose Eichenbaum was invited by Lori Belilove, director of The Isadora Duncan Dance Company, to document the company’s pilgrimage to Athens, Greece—Duncan’s inspirational home. Belilove’s itinerary was designed to educate her dancers, along with a gathering of Belilove’s international students, about Greek art and culture. “The weeklong trip,” Eichenbaum writes, “had us […]