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Here’s How You Should REALLY Be Celebrating National Frappe Day

Listen up, dance teachers! October 7 is National Frappe Day (the drink), but as dance enthusiasts, we obviously like to celebrate a little differently. We’ve compiled four fun frappé combinations on Instagram for your perusal! You’re welcome! Now, you can thank us by sharing some of your own frappé favs on social media with the […]

15 Ballet Terms and the 3 Ways You’ll Remember What They Mean

They relate to animals: 1. Ailes de pigeon, a type of cabriole, means “pigeon’s wings.” 2. Chaînés papillon is chaînés with butterfly arms. 3. Pas de cheval, meaning “horse step,” resembles a horse pawing the ground. 4. Poisson is a position like a fish, with legs together and back arched. 5. Saut de chat, or […]