Check Out the Trailer for the New Trisha Brown Documentary
April 24, 2017

The behind-the-scenes film released earlier this year about iconic choreographer Tricia Brown made its West Coast premiere at the Dance Media Film Festival, just one month after her death at age 80.

The film by Marie-Hélène Rebois explores Brown’s rehearsal process with the Paris Opéra Ballet, as she prepares the company for its first performance of her 1979 work Glacial Decoy.

One of the choreographers of the film, Lisa Kraus, spoke to the L.A. Times about the documentary:

“I personally think there’s aspects of Trisha’s work that are not that easy to comprehend unless you have a little bit more guidance in identifying what’s going on. To allow people to have a close-up view with additional information that helps them understand what they’re seeing. I think it’s very valuable.”

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