Refined Carbs Will Make You Hungry for More
July 19, 2013

Carbohydrates are necessary to any dancer’s diet—they yield energy. But too many refined carbs can ultimately make you feel sluggish.

A recent study suggests that eating cookies, chips, and packaged foods chock-full of corn syrup can trigger food cravings by causing blood sugar levels to spike at first and then plummet like an amusement park’s drop tower ride. When those levels are down, we head to the fridge or pantry searching for another burst of energy. You can do the math: refined carbs + additional cravings = overeating.

Instead of highly processed carbs that will always leave you wanting more, fill out your food pyramid with lots of whole grains and vegetables. The body takes longer to break these carbs down into glucose, enabling blood sugar levels to rise gradually, instead of frantically. The result? You won’t be constantly returning to the kitchen, and that leaves more time for dance.

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