Performance Planner: Sugar-Coated Chassés
November 29, 2001

Take your next audience to the Land of Sweets; but skip the marzipan and tea! Transform the stage into a 1950’s soda shop and choreograph to songs like the 1958 Chordettes’ hit, “Lollipop.” Or mix up the decades and use “Savoy Truffle,” George Harrison’s 1968 tune about chocolate, and U2’s 1987 song, “Sweetest Thing.” At intermission, have dancers distribute fun-sized candy bars to hungry audience members—though make sure there are milk- and nut-free options. Brightly colored lighting can reflect fruity candy, like a pack of Life Savors or Starbursts. A fun piece for your little dancers: Dress them in solid-colored costumes and use older students to act as Grandma Nut or Queen Frostine from Hasbro’s classic game. 


To read more music, set design and make-up ideas for a candy-inspired show, check out Lindsey Lelak’s “Candyland.”

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