If Social Media Is So Great, Why Isn’t It Working for Me?
February 27, 2018

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest—we’re in the age of social media. So how about harnessing that power and influence to reach new customers? “Social media is where people spend so much time now,” says Janelle Warren Konowal, who relies heavily on social-media channels to promote her Nova Scotia–based school, Element Dance Studio. But changing trends and algorithms can make it harder than ever to reach your target audience. If your social-media marketing isn’t returning the results you’d like, you may be making some of these common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Boring your followers.


“You don’t want boring content. You want to change it up,” says Alison Krejny, who specializes in promoting dance studios via her company, To the Pointe Marketing. If your Facebook posts are all studio announcements, for example, or your Instagrams are all inspirational dance quotes, it might be time to introduce something new. Krejny suggests spotlighting one of your faculty members. Photos and videos of students do very well: Highlight a student who was accepted to a summer program or celebrate an achievement—getting a split, nailing a pirouette—by posting a photo from class.

Warren Konowal makes sure to get photos of classes on theme days, when children are dressed up in Halloween costumes, holiday sweaters or spirit wear. At studios with closed-door viewing policies (like Warren Konowal’s), parents love a peek behind the scenes. “They eat that stuff up,” Krejny says. Parents themselves are often an untapped content resource, so make sure to ask for their photos and videos after competitions and events—they’re usually more than happy to send them.

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