What Parsons Dancer Zoey Anderson Says College Did for Her Dance Career
January 12, 2018

The decision to go to college is often difficult for aspiring professional dancers to make, but for Zoey Anderson, attending Marymount Manhattan College made all the difference in achieving her goals. Aside from the great education that she says honed her technique and refined her artistry, Anderson was able to meet MMC Dance Department chair, Katie Langan, who was instrumental in helping her book her first post-college job with Parsons Dance.

“During my last year of college, I was really worried about what I was going to do next with dance. I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish everything I wanted to. Katie taught me that word of mouth and letters of recommendation are really important for booking jobs. It’s helpful if someone can say, ‘Hey, this girl is good for your company—see what she has to offer you.’ Thankfully she was able to do that for me. I would go into her office and we would talk about the main companies and things I was interested in, and she helped me make decisions. If she felt like I wasn’t a good fit for a company, she would be honest, and steer me another way. Because Parsons was a goal of mine, and it had so many alums form Marymount, she knew exactly what I was getting into and was able to tell me what to expect. She talked to the right people about me, and invited them to our gala. Having her help made all the difference.”

Watch Anderson perform with Parsons Dance, Monday, January 15, at the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) at City Center in NYC.

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