Here’s Why Your Students Must Take Tiler Peck’s Master Classes
January 21, 2022

Dear Dance Colleagues,

As a dance teacher, so many thoughts run through your mind every single day. So what better way to take the pressure off yourself than by inviting your students to attend not just one but two masterclasses with New York City Ballet extraordinaire, Tiler Peck.

In the final two classes of this special Dance Media Live! virtual master class series, Peck will help your students master their technique and expand their artistic range through personalized feedback and corrections in real-time via Zoom. Your students will also get the rare opportunity to engage with Peck in an interactive Q&A at the end of each hour-long session.

Not only are Peck’s masterclasses an ideal supplement to your students’ dance training, they can also be a great substitute to your class offerings (especially when short-staffed), an additional resource to your lesson plans, and even an extension of the concepts you’re looking to cover in your dance curriculum.

Register now by clicking here to attend:

The Barre Project: April 16, 10:30 am Eastern/7:30 am Pacific
In this master class, Tiler will be teaching excerpts from William Forsythe’s The Barre Project, recently performed for live audiences for the first time ever at New York City Center as part of Tiler’s inaugural presentation of “Artists at the Center.” Trust me. This isn’t just any master class with a ballet star. This is a unique educational opportunity for your students to get up close and personal with their idol and enjoy a firsthand look into the demands and delights of being a dancer.

(The Barre Project was financed by Forsythe and CLI Studios.)

The class costs $100. All proceeds will go to Ballet Tech: The NYC Public School for Dance

See you all at the barre!

With excitement,
Reanne Rodrigues

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