Check Out These 3 Toe Exercises You’ll Love!
September 12, 2019

For all the time we spend talking about feet, we think it’s time we did a deep dive into toes. Those little piggies bear a lot of weight, endure painful blisters and help your students soar across the classroom day after day.

So, to show our toes the love they deserve, here are five exercises that are all the self-care you need this week.

You’re welcome!


Big toe exercises to improve strength, reduce injury

The look of this exercise will make you cringe a bit (say no to cashew feet 🙅♀️). But it’s actually great for strengthening the big toe in order to avoid injury in class and onstage.

2. Assisted toe stretches

Foot & Toe Stretches for Happy, Healthy Feet

At 2:25 of this Heart and Bones Yoga video, you will find toe stretches that will relieve tension and give them the break they need.

3. Marble pickup

Toe Home Physical Therapy Exercises

The intro to this video shows a foot gripping and releasing a towel—something we are all very familiar with at this point. But at about 52 seconds, the foot begins picking up marbles and placing them in a vase. This is a great way to make a game out of your toe exercises.

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