Fashion Roundup: DT's Fav Teaching Outfits of the Month
December 5, 2017

As dance teachers, your fashion life is a constant rotation of leggings, joggers and baggy T-shirts. You essentially LIVE in your teaching attire. And you know what? We wouldn’t have it any other way. Ya’ll are straight killin’ it!

Honestly, we are so impressed with your teaching fashion choices, we decided to share our favorites here.

Check ’em out!

1. tWitch

We can always count on tWitch to look great, no matter what! (He’s pretty dreamy.) At 24 Seven Dance last weekend, he rocked a black hat, black sweatshirt and black Puma sweats, with just a splash of maroon. He looked 🔥

2. Nick Lazzarini

We’re just gonna leave this here…

3. Taja Riley

Rocking a gray and white camo-patterned top with matching bandana and sunglasses, Taja Riley didn’t come to play. Move over, ladies and gentleman, because this woman’s fashion choices are on point!

4. Ivan Koumaev

Looks like it was a “50 Shades of Ivan” kind of weekend. He wore all-black everything from head to toe with a gray beanie and gray T-shirt. This monochromatic look is REALLY working for him.

5. Kathryn McCormick

From her teaching, to her dancing, to her fashion choices, Kathryn McCormick is basically a Disney Princess. We’re really loving her look from DanceMakers Inc. in Nashville. She sported black leggings, white shoes and a brightly colored Adidas jacket. Check it out!

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