DT on Dance Moms: From PGH to ATL—Next Stop Hollywood
July 18, 2012

This week, the girls from the Burgh travel to Atlanta for Starbound competition. But before they go, drama ensues. Chloe chooses to attend a school camping trip, missing rehearsal. Mom Kelly has a 41st birthday party and after a battle with guest mom Leslie, something glass gets hurled past Christi. But most excitingly, the girls audition for a role on the TV show “Drop Dead Diva.” We’ll have to see those results next week!


At Starbound, ALDC (spoiler alert!) wins first place for the large group number; the trio wins fifth place; Maddie’s solo gets first and Chloe wins fourth. This is not unusual—Abby’s little dancers are great, and they usually place in the top positions at each competition. 


I have to remember we’re watching a TV show—because so much emphasis is placed on winning, beating the opponents and squashing the other teams. Obviously a huge part of competiton is about winning—if you’re not there to win, why go? But on the flip side, it’s important to remember that all this training, all the hours, sweat and tears in a dance studio can be useful for more than winning this week’s competition. And how you help dancers transition from the competition world to professional life is key.


Dancers often get bogged down in  winning or losing—and that won’t help in the professional world. “Once you’re in a company, it’s not about placing third anymore,” says Dwight Rhoden of Complexions Contemporary Ballet. “You do a run-through and get feedback and put it in practice right away. It’s all about knowing how to process the information being given to you and use it in your overall track to becoming better artists.” And  Kim DelGrosso stresses that finding employment for your dancers early on can help them recognize where dance training can take them.  Click here to read “Into the Great Wide Open” for more ways to help dancers prepare for their next steps.




Photo: Paige auditions for “Drop Dead Diva.” She says: “I really hope I get this part because I think it would be fun to be on a TV show.” Should someone tell her she already is?



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