Ballet Class Blogging: Yuck.
November 29, 2001

When my first student entered the studio on Saturday morning with a thick, green runny nose, I knew that was it—I was going to get it. I glanced at my attendance sheet. A few sick kids already marked absent for that class, an ear infection last week…and the list of related seasonal ailments could go on. While I’m a bit surprised I lasted cold-free as long as I did, I’m extremely thankful it’s only a mild case of the sniffles.


In hindsight, I probably could have done more to prevent this cold. Yes, I wash my hands constantly and, no, I don’t share drinks or towels; however, I have been slacking on my fruits and veggies. And busy weeknights and weekends haven’t been helping my sleep schedule. 


These things seem like no-brainers when it comes to telling our students, but they’re all too easy to forget ourselves. For 10 tips to stay healthy through the rest of the year, CLICK HERE.


Looking for ways to arm your studio against the flu? CLICK HERE.

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